About Brett

Leica Photographer Wedding Photographer Leica Workshops

Brett brings a street shooter's eye and lightning reflexes to the demanding genre of wedding
photography and when he's not shooting he's teaching other Leica photographers how to do it.’
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Observational Photographer

Brett operates independently as a multi-disciplinary photographer, mentor and coach.

Working exclusively with a Leica camera, Brett's shooting style is one of active observation,
documenting life around him with both precision and spontaneity.

Alongside his documentary weddings and Leica workshops - Brett undertakes commercial assignments, environmental portraiture, personal projects, and one-to-one tuition.

A keen fell walker, lover of the great outdoors, life member of the National Trust;
Brett travels for pleasure and shoots for fun, often at the same time.

Brett is UK based, available to travel.

Wedding Photographer

Brett's lifelong passion for photography started with a plastic camera and darkroom kit.

After leaving school he got the break that put him on the path to achieving his ambition, a career as a photographer – he was offered an apprenticeship at principal newspaper, the Birmingham Post.

Brett honed his craft practising commercial, industrial, and wedding photography. He graduated, moving on to open a wedding studio, gaining recognition as a documentary wedding photographer.

Developing a specialism for wedding photography with ‘street’ and reportage appeal, led Brett to his camera of ultimate choice – the Leica M: his signature look.

Leica Photographer

Leica Camera UK invited Brett to act as Leica Workshop Tutor and Consultant Photographer.

His first experience in the genre of street photography came about through training enthusiasts and professionals at Leica Akademie UK, Mayfair, London, and Leica Workshops worldwide.

Following the success of Akademie Workshops, coupled with demand from Leica photographers, Brett developed an exclusive series of bespoke one-to-one coaching sessions.

Leica Camera also commissioned Brett to shoot Leica for Leica: a series of creative photo-essays illustrating the unique look of Leica lenses through the eye of a Leica photographer.

‘My photography is the privilege to capture someone’s wedding day, the ability to share my knowledge with other Leica photographers, and freedom to document life around me, by choice or by chance.
— Brett Leica Photographer —