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— About Brett, Leica and Queensberry —

Brett | Photographer

— I know only how to be a photographer ...

Photography for me is the privilege to capture someone’s special day, the ability to share my knowledge with other photographers, and freedom to document the world by choice, or by chance.

Early photographic adventures ... the first time I started to take pictures in sequences rather than individual shots, was on an outdoor activity trip with my school. We travelled up in a minibus and stayed in a youth hostel.

I remember Keswick as the most special place and it still is for me. I remember mint cake, frozen sandwiches, Skiddaw, Catbells, crampons, wet boots, aching muscles and above all fabulous views.

Elements Gallery Jaws Borrowdale English Lake District By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery Portrait Bybrett By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery Mayfair London City By Brett Leica Photographer

Invariably, we would climb in the rain or on ice and snow, and afterwards I would present a slideshow of our exploits. The most amazing thing in the mountains is the light and the changing weather. There is no such thing as bad weather in landscape photography.

I brought my 35mm transparencies home to show my parents, who on seeing that breath-taking scenery, took up mountain walking. After 20 years of travelling up the M6 at weekends and for holidays, they retired to the Lake District.

So I still have a regular connection and affinity with that area and that landscape.

Through my work, I've had the privilege of an insight into countless other trades and professions, at first-hand. I aspire to be an observer who uses the camera to simply crop the real world -

However, I know only how to be a photographer ...

Leica | Camera

— Passion and perfection for creating unique images ...

My work is split between weddings, workshops and world assignments. I apply the same philosophy to all three. The common thread and inspiration is the rangefinder camera and that defines my approach. Maybe I need a new term to describe my street-style wedding photography ... observational photography?

I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge of how to get the most out of these magnificent cameras to my peers and to Leica enthusiasts. I have developed targeted workshops created around the individual photographer’s needs, and offering advice, tips and techniques to expand and develop their knowledge - all based on my extensive hands-on experience.

Elements Gallery M240 Mp Safari Camera Retro Summilux Billingham Bag By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery M9 Camera Noctilux Snow By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery M8 2 Camera Elmar Wedding Suit By Brett Leica Photographer

The motivation in my current photographic style is to embrace the synergy between wedding and street photography - capturing the everyday within the special day, and the extra in the ordinary.

I practice my craft of wedding photography while on the street and during workshops, honing my skills as a reportage photographer, and vice versa.

I’m looking to capture the more usual moments in a wedding made possible by anticipating the unusual moments that occur on our streets. Both are real life; both are documentary. My other motivation is to be able one day to master the rangefinder system.

Leica is a lifelong association – in pursuit of your best photograph yet. There are easier but less tempting ways to seek -

Passion and perfection for creating unique images ...

Queensberry | Album

— We believe in beautiful photography, beautifully presented ...

The Queensberry family are my friends and my photographic partners.

Our Queensberry albums are a marvel of meticulous craftsmanship and technology that enables us to make every page unique. Add a wealth of ways to personalise the album, and Queensberry truly is the perfect way to tell your story.

A bride-to-be once remarked that she loved my photography ... but not so much my albums. She wanted something handmade, tailor-made - with groups of images on a page?

My eagerness to please (and improve), led me to the other side of the world - New Zealand, to find the best in the world - Queensberry: producers of simply exquisite books and albums.

Elements Gallery Queensberry Cappuccino Leather Album By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery Queensberry Wing Page Album By Brett Leica Photographer
Elements Gallery Queensberry Handmade Bespoke Album By Brett Leica Photographer

Album page layouts are individually designed using images of your choice. Prints are real photographs using traditional light-sensitive paper and silver based chemistry.

The unique page mounts frame your images with a striking key line border, created by carefully trimming and hand mounting each print to sit within page apertures.

Contemporary genuine leathers are specially made by one of France's oldest and finest artisan tanneries. Queensberry albums are book-bound, bespoke, and made-to-order.
And not just for weddings.

In a world of mass-production Queensberry stands for individuality, the handmade, and personal.

I have a passion for family history and real photographs. I believe a physical album to be the perfect legacy for precious, story-telling images. Our own wedding album is a Queensberry -

And we believe in beautiful photography, beautifully presented ...



About Brett, Leica and Queensberry


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