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— The Essence of my Photography —

Documentary | Wedding

— Remember Your Day As It Unfolded, Rather Than As Arranged by a Photographer —

I carry a small discreet Leica camera – no flash or tripod, working in the background to observe and document candid scenes unobtrusively.

The essence of my documentary wedding photography is to create a visual diary of your day.

My style of working enables me to find individual touches and unobserved moments so that you remember your day as it unfolded, rather than as arranged by a photographer’.

Principles Gallery Documentary Wedding Peckham Asylum By Brett Leica Photographer

I get huge job satisfaction from working with each wedding couple, capturing the happiness, warmth and personality of each wedding day.

My experience in wedding & portrait photography, commercial & industrial, street & documentary, gives me the versatility to create a visual diary of your wedding.

Your photography is natural and realistic, capturing the character and the characters of your wedding day … and I include a handful of family groups for future generations.

I personally cover your wedding day from getting ready in the morning, through to the ceremony, the reception, the speeches, and continue on to the evening’s first dance.

Working with your selection of photographs, timeless design meets artisanship in a unique and exquisite, hand-made Queensberry album of your choice.

I love the creativity of making something which will be treasured as an heirloom. A fitting and personal keepsake from your wedding.

I am UK based, available to travel.

Leica | Workshop

— Our Relationship Is As Two Photographers, Rather Than Tutor and Pupil —

I am passionate about photography and about Leica M. I get great satisfaction from passing on my knowledge of how to use these unique rangefinder cameras.

It is a hands-on workshop where we get out and about, shooting pictures. Our relationship is as two photographers, rather than tutor and pupil’.

Brett is a multi-disciplined independent professional known for shooting exclusively Leica M. His signatory look is the synergy between street photography, documentary and lifestyle imagery.

Brett shoots Leica for Leica and has led a series of workshops at The Leica Akademie, Mayfair, and Leica Store Manchester. He uses a hands-on approach, sharing his personal experience to coach professionals and enthusiasts in all aspects of a photographer's development.

Principles Gallery Workshop Westminster Bridge London By Brett Leica Photographer

Following the success of these workshops, coupled with demand from photographers worldwide, Brett has developed an exclusive series of bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions. These sessions are ideally suited to digital M users or aspiring owners, both amateur and professional.

Each workshop itinerary is different and evolves to suit each participant. There is a fluidity to the sessions, enabling me to respond to what happens on the day and tailor each workshop accordingly.

Advanced individual coaching is tailored to maximise photographer potential. The workshop day encompasses your own areas of interest and experience with the Leica M Rangefinder System, improving your technique and expanding your capability.

I am UK based, available to travel.

World | Assignment

— I Know That the Only Thing I Really Own Is My Photography —

The images are always there; a permanent record of where I go, what I’ve seen and who I have met. They are a way to share my passion for photography.

Alongside my wedding photography, I work on personal and commercial projects. I love the variety this gives me. Sometimes I travel on a commission, sometimes I just get up and go, sometimes I have a theme that I have to get out of my system.

Principles Gallery World Assignment Iceland Project Apollo By Brett Leica Photographer

On a trip with fellow Leica photographers, I fulfilled a long-held ambition to explore the lunar’ landscape of Iceland. The respected photographic magazine, Leica Fotografie International, published my photo-essayIn the Wake of Apollo’.

Currently I am planning my next trip – a new adventure, new stories, new images.
I know that the only thing I really own is my photography’ ... the images are always there.



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The Essence of my Photography