The Weathernistas

Bantock Park

Bantock Park – Wolverhampton, England

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Our Motto

Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold, whether the weather be hot,

We'll weather the weather whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not!

About The Weathernistas

Hello, We are The Weathernistas! My name is Lois. Me and my caring, loving friend Isabelle are part of this spy club. We came up with the name Weathernistas; we thought of fashionista and then weather. Put them together and they make weather-nista!

Main Head of Group
Isabelle aka Thunder

Deputy Head and Website Manager
Lois aka Lightning

Student-in-training Weather Forecaster
Sarita aka Gale

Student-in-training Technology Manager
Japjit aka Sunshine

Wayfinder World Clouds By Brett Leica Photographer

This is a picture of clouds in good weather in the summer and very blue sky!


These photos are of rain - a flower with a water droplet, a heavy rain shower and a bench with water drops on the bottom! See how the water droplets are like lenses? It was really hard to photograph them, zoom in for detail!

Wayfinder World Flower Raindrop By Brett Leica Photographer
Wayfinder World Heavy Rain By Brett Leica Photographer
Wayfinder World Bench Raindrop By Brett Leica Photographer


These photos are of insects - a dagger fly, a ladybird and a flesh fly! We found lots of flies when we were out taking photos of them! We wanted some photos of creepy crawlies too. Please click the photos to enlarge - have fun looking at all the detail!

Wayfinder World Flower Fly By Brett Leica Photographer
Wayfinder World Ladybird By Brett Leica Photographer
Wayfinder World Fly By Brett Leica Photographer

How to Join Our Club

We are looking for new students-in-training so if you would like to be part of our club please Contact us telling us why you would like to be part of our club and what weather name you would prefer. If we have sent you an email back and approve and your name is available (if not we will make a suggestion) your name and your position as a student-in-training will be on our website!

What We Do!

We solve crimes and go on adventures! We also use our powers to make the weather.

NO Such Thing as Bad Weather ...

If you're a Weathernista you should already know that there is NO such thing as bad weather!

The reason is that soon enough we will have lots of different weather names that you might consider as bad weather, but every kind of weather has a purpose and we respect that.

The Weathernistas Help You!

If you have any questions about your part in our club or any comments, please contact us!


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