Medieval Marquee –

Medieval Marquee – Brompton Ralph, Devon, England

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Devon Farm

— 9 July —

Brompton Buds

Dan and Emma’s celebrations started with a pre-wedding feast in one of the farm’s barns, complete with bats and nesting swallows. They married in a twelfth century church about a mile away and then returned to the farm for their reception.

Two cows that had been raised on the farm were cooked for 24 hours ahead of the celebrations, with the chef staying in a tent beside the barbecue overnight so that he could check on their cooking. Fiancee Emma was in charge of the wedding flowers at Brompton Buds

B G Wedding Bybrett Brett Leica Photographer Brompton Buds 001

Brompton Buds – flowers by Emma

Queensberry Album

Queensberry Overlay Matted albums are contemporary 'no-edge' albums, a simpler, more modern take on the classic matted album. Pages are mounted overlay style, with the photo mounted behind a card frame, and with clean cut edges.

Dan and Emma chose a 10x7 album with wrap-around cover, in cappuccino leather.

B G Wedding Bybrett Brett Leica Photographer Queensberry Album 001

Queensberry Musée

One of our goals with Musée was to redefine Queensberry's "best": to begin a series of Special Editions that stand alongside - and apart from - our standard albums and take our product to even higher levels in terms of materials, design, artisan skills and exclusivity.

Our standard album range is like a paint box from which you can choose to paint a masterpiece. There is a huge selection of colours, materials, cover and page styles to choose from.

Musée is not a paint box, it's a style. The palette of colours, materials, decorative details is rich but defined, chosen to suit the Musée idea.

B G Wedding Bybrett Brett Leica Photographer Musee 007

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