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Lightroom for Leica

— Realise the Full Potential in Your Images —

I organise, edit, process, and produce all of my work using Lightroom Classic. I believe that taking the photograph is only half the job, so I invest just as much time and effort in finishing my images.

Edit and organise your photos with the software that's optimised for desktop.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Workshop Gallery Lightroom Edit Process Snowdon Railway By Brett Leica Photographer

Snowdon Mountain Railway - Lightroom edit / DNG

Lightroom Classic Tutorial

An application based tutorial developing your photographs to fulfilment in Adobe Lightroom. Build a dynamic processing system to streamline workflow and realise the full potential in your images.

Process Overview
Hands-on demonstration:
module navigation, keyboard shortcuts, identifying the tools and actions which suit your needs, before and after examples, developing a style.

Editing Strategy
Working with images:
how to browse, view, compare, edit and flag rate your shoot to shortlist your best work and photographs.

Library Module
Simplifying workflow:
quick develop, batch processing, making virtual copies, building image collections, exporting files for purpose.

Develop Workflow
Enhancing your work:
processing files with develop tools and sliders, creating and using develop presets, adding local adjustments, evaluating, improving and finalising your images.

B/W Conversion
Previewing in monochrome:
converting to greyscale with B/W mix, desaturating colour and controlling luminance, split toning, reducing noise, adding grain.

Workshop modules are designed to be responsive to the needs of participants through regular Q&A.


Workshop Gallery Lightroom Edit Process Monochrome Whiteless Pike By Brett Leica Photographer
Workshop Gallery Lightroom Edit Process Monochrome Colour Autumn By Brett Leica Photographer
Workshop Gallery Lightroom Edit Process Colour Temperature New York By Brett Leica Photographer

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