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— Observational Photographer —

❝ Brett brings a street shooter's eye and lightning reflexes to the demanding genre of wedding photography, and when he's not shooting he's teaching other Leica users how to do it ❞

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Brett's portfolio encompasses – wedding documentary, workshop coaching, and world assignment. He also travels for pleasure and shoots for fun; often at the same time.

At the tender age of seven his parents gave him, as a birthday present, a plastic toy camera and darkroom developing kit so starting Brett's lifelong passion for photography.

After leaving school he got the break that put him on the path to achieving his ambition, a career as a photographer – he was offered an apprenticeship at principal newspaper, the Birmingham Post.

Brett graduated moving on to open his own portrait studio and was subsequently awarded the prestigious Kodak Photographer of the Year. His love of art and architecture led him to further hone his craft in the field of commercial and industrial photography using large format cameras.

His desire to tell the story of a wedding in reportage style, by capturing the everyday scenes within ‘the special day’, led him to his camera of ultimate choice – the Leica M.

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Brett was invited to act as a consultant for Leica Camera UK, coaching enthusiast and professional photographers at The Leica Akademie, Mayfair, and in educational workshops worldwide – Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Manchester, New York, Paris, Wetzlar ...

He was also commissioned to shoot Leica for Leica, creating photo-essays for Leica Camera AG, illustrating the signatory look of legendary lenses – APO-Summicron, Summilux, and Noctilux.

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